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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

Wild Animal Sanctuary

Wild Animal Sanctuary

It was with pride, compassion and pleasure that I visited the breathtaking Wild Animal Sanctuary outside of Denver, Colorado with my animal-loving sister on a recent trip in March of 2012.  You simply MUST visit if you are in the area.  You will emerge captivated by the animals and moved by the seamless integration in their natural state, and just plain rejuvenated by the animal welfare mission that is embraced by the Wild Animal Sanctuary staff and their dedicated founder.


Per their web site, The Wild Animal Sanctuary (“WAS”) is on 700+ acres of rolling Colorado prairie and grassland that seems never-ending.  WAS animals come to live and are protected for the rest of their lives, in a natural environment.  In building the sanctuary, the rescued animals’ best interests were the primary goal.


Tigers swim lazily in a lake and lions doze under a grove of trees, all in 20+ acre habitats.  Prides of African lions amble through the tall grass of their expansive fields.  And the bears…grizzily and black bears live, eat and snooze in multiple 10-25 acre habitats with ponds, trees and their own natural dens to hibernate in.  Then there are the wolves!


The really special part of the WAS experience is the unique Mile Into the Wild elevated walkway that expands throughout the Sanctuary, so visitors have the ability to walk directly over the panoramic habitats of the wild animals, viewing  them  living as nature intended.


Visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary web site to see tigers playing with the ball in their pool, just like dogs/cats would.


As described in their literature:

Rescued from unhealthy situations like hoarders, shut-down zoos, or abusive circuses, the animals recuperate and are cared for in areas that allow them to adjust to their new surroundings. With special playgrounds and acclimation procedures, they are introduced to other animals of similar species until a cohesive “family unit” is formed, whereupon they are moved into a permanent habitat of their own.  At this point, the family of rescued animals can live together for the rest of their lives in a natural setting, free from the pain and degradation they endured prior to coming to The Wild Animal Sanctuary.


The atmosphere emulates the mission of The Wild Animal Sanctuary and is truly infectious.  A detailed guide that is filled with animal rescue stories and maps is provided to each visitor to steer you through your tour.  Visit the WAS web site to read the rescue stories that will melt your heart, stories like Gala who was found seemingly lifeless with two other lions in horrid conditions in Mexico.  Look at Gala now!


Animal Tribes is going to adopt an animal in need at The Wild Animal Sanctuary so stay tuned.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

1946 County Road 53, Keenesburg, CO 80643