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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

The Space Between…

The Space Between…

Four months have passed since my last blog. My best friend Trevor passed away in late September at 22, four weeks to the day after my dad passed away. My dad taught me horses and yes, Trevor was a horse. Perhaps if I postponed writing this, he might still be waiting at the gate every morning, and I could still hug him, tickle his whiskers, kiss that special spot behind his left ear?

Que será. Animal lovers and I know that space that the love of our friends so purposely filled, the space that now houses sadness swirling with gratitude.

Two years before, I had to say goodbye to my 15 yr old German Shepherd/golden retriever mix dog Ben. It was then I began to examine the Space Between him and I.

Since grammar school, I was taught Energy is neither created nor destroyed. There is Science. There is Spirit. Books like “The Field” and “Proof of Heaven” attempt to prove the links between the two. Our cells are made up of atoms with positive and negative charges. The air, plants and animals are made of atoms with charges. Like a magnet, the reactions between them cause things to happen. The book “The Secret” embellishes on how the mind can “create,” it can affect the way things happen. You can attract what you want.

Lovely, but I wanted to talk to my buddy Ben and I wanted it to happen NOW. I was driving my friends crazy until one of them referred me to a medium who had a gift of being a conduit to “Source,” to the energy field that binds us together – all beings. She had the ability to hone in on my friend. And through a phone call, she did.  I cried.  Ben were there, on the line with the medium as the medium was with me. I can go into the “proof”- revealing to me my grandmother Rose, for example.  The most important proof was that I just knew. I could feel Ben.

Mediumship is a something we can all do apparently, but for me it was such a nebulous communication… a feeling, an emotion. After that call, I was on a mission to get more clarity, to fine tune this channel… the Spirit Guide Channel… I wanted to talk to Ben and my grandmother. Perhaps my denial in dealing with grief was my driving force. But Ben was opening doors for me.

I took a class from this lovely gifted person (email me if you want her name) and I learned that we are all part of a universal energy with connections between the spaces. A higher self is one ball of energy, and pieces of it break off and inhabit a body. When that life is done, the piece of energy returns to the higher self. Different balls of energy in bodies at different places at different times. The space between molecules is our connection to source. When you meet someone, you literally recognize your soul in another.

Wow. That had to sink in.

Fast forward to last fall. Another medium whose specialty was horses gave me a guided meditation to connect with Trevor. She told me he bowed to her. Horses just don’t do that, but Trevor was taught this trick to get rewarded for carrots. I knew she had connected to TREVOR!


This wise woman explained that the body is a container, the soul lives on. It’s like the body is a jacket, a garment we lay down when it is time for the soul to change rooms. I think it was Betty White who said the body is the envelope and the soul is the letter.

In my meditations and my attempts to quiet my mind and be more of a Satellite Dish for receiving information from Source, two more avenues of communication have surfaced. One is smell. There’s a certain smell that is Ben, a fresh wood shavings smell. When I first smelled it, having read about dogs who can sniff out cancer, I thought I had a tumor. Nope. The smell comes to me in times of quiet, of peacefulness, and tears come to my eyes; and then in a meditation, it just came to me *poof* – it’s Ben. (This is where some people think I’m cuckoo, or say I’ve been in California too long.)

The other avenue emerging for me is Dreams. Trevor comes to me in dreams – wild, vivid Technicolor rides, adventures with plots and themes. It’s a lively way to wake up in the morning!

I believe my soul is communing with the soul of Trevor. The soul contains the essence of all I know and love about Trevor, it is immutable, unchangeable and eternal. It is beautiful and unflinchingly focused on ME. Utter devotion, always checking in on ME. And I feel it the exact same way I felt it every day he stood by his gate, waiting for me. The same stuff.

I am learning to trust the cycle of life. And yes, I wish they were “here” but I do believe Trevor and my spirit guides are there to blow wind into my sails when I need them.

This was my experience… please share yours on Facebook, I would love to hear about them. More blogs on the human-animal connection coming.

Trevor bowed a couple of times just as he sank deeper into drowsiness that day in September, an act of gratitude and love. Today is Trevor’s birthday, February 11. He bows still, watching over me. 🙂