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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

Save Them All

Save Them All

SAVE THEM ALL.  Best Friends Animal Society’s mission is simple and powerful.  The commitment to that mission overwhelmed me on my visit to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in November.  Dog by dog, cat by cat, horse by horse and animal by animal (including pigs and birds), they honestly and unequivocally try to SAVE THEM ALL.

Situated in the bucolic canyons of southern Utah, my stay at the Sanctuary radiated beauty, compassion and love.   This spiritual setting is healing in every aspect.  Their brochure states that on any given day, 1700 dogs, cats, rabbits and horses are cared for, receiving medical care with attention to special needs, behavioral training and TLC to prepare them for their next home.  Some are there for life.

There’s Dogtown with special buildings and communities for senior dogs, large dogs and puppies.  Cat World, Horse Haven, Piggy Paradise, Parrot Garden and Wild Friends offer the same tranquil setting for their species.  Each animal is given specific care, exercise and diet considerations in a healing environment.  If you stay on the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary premises in their very comfortable cottages, you can help rehabilitate a dog or cat by inviting one to stay overnight.  Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a magical place.

Mindful attention – specific care, exercise and diet considerations – is paid to each and every animal, whether that animal was given up, rescued from an abusive situation, rejected from another shelter, or needing a quiet place to rehabilitate.  The Sanctuary is a big hearted place with a level of detail – they name each and every animal – that is unsurpassed in its deep commitment to animals.

I want to take a volunteer vacation in southern Utah – forget Hawaii or exotic places!  The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary inspires one to become a part of their animal welfare movement, in hundreds of acres of sanctuary land, hundreds of partners, millions of volunteers.  Save them all seems insurmountable, but Best Friends has the faith to realize their goal and have made a huge impact in the responsive community.

As told on the Best Friends Animal Society web site (, nearly 30 years ago, when the organization helped pioneer the no-kill movement, more than 17 million homeless pets were dying each year in our nation’s shelters.  Today, that number is around four million unnecessary deaths annually.  Best Friends Animal Society is committed to reducing that number to zero, by implementing targeted spay/neuter programs to reduce the number of animals who enter shelters, and by increasing the number of people who adopt pets.

Beyond the Sanctuary, by leading No-Kill initiatives around the country and supporting local governments, coalitions, and local communities (in Los Angeles, Jacksonville, San Antonio to name a few)  Best Friends is fueling change.   Through the No More Homeless Pets Network Partner program, animal welfare organizations across the country team up with the Society to save lives in their own communities.  Best Friends Animal Society lends its far-reaching hand assist in funding, resources and legislative support.

The Sanctuary itself is the pulse of the Best Friends Animal Society organization.  Every volunteer and employee – the Sanctuary guide, the gift shop cashier, the animal caregivers, the veterinarians, adoption coordinators, membership assistants, the kitchen help and the housekeeper who cleaned our cottage – everyone is dedicated to the love of animals.

That Sunday in November, I gazed out the cafeteria window, marveling at the sweeping panoramic view of the canyon land Sanctuary, a Best Friends Animal Society founder walked up to our table and thanked us for visiting and our support.  We can Save Them All.

Best Friends Animal Society

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