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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

Ricochet – A Hero Amongst Heroes

Ricochet – A Hero Amongst Heroes

Every now and then there comes a story of a dog that gives his/her love so profoundly and so purely that the story, the pictures, the jubilee in that dog moves us all to tears.  Do we see a hidden part of ourselves in that dog?  Something we’d like to be?  Something we’ve lost?


Enter Ricochet.  If you read no further, please watch the video.  Please.


In Ricochet we see a celebration of Life.  Life’s transformations occur as products of the challenges we face.   Ricochet’s story threads through her unsuccessful first job which leads her to her life path of surfing.  She becomes an  inspirational muse who serves many greater causes, liberating many souls including quadriplegic Patrick Ivison, who she met the night before this video was filmed.

Per Ricochet’s web site, the intention was for the two of them to surf a wave together on their own surfboards. At one point, when they surfed into shore, Ricochet jumped off her board, and onto Patrick’s. It was her decision to surf tandem with him.

Through her surfing Ricochet has raised over tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes.  Ricochet’s story will get you off the couch, inspire you to send hugs and kisses to dogs who are just perfectly happy being dogs.  It will make you marvel at the Universe and our connections within it.  Animals and their humans – the tribes – give us gifts that move us to the bottom of our toes.  Animals think nothing of just being charitable and kind.   It’s just natural to them and that melts us to tears.

Isn’t it a marvel that animals can identify with the purest of humanity?

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.  For every truth, there is an ear somewhere to hear it.  For every love, there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” 

–Ivan Panin