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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

On-Call Angel with RedRover

On-Call Angel with RedRover

Not everyone can go out on rescue operations but anyone CAN be a RedRover On-Call Angel.

Thousands of caregivers turn to RedRover Relief each year to help them save their pets’ lives. When you become an On-Call Angel, you have the opportunity to give back and save a life. Your funds are used immediately to provide a pet the lifesaving treatment he or she needs.

Here’s a real life example:
Like most puppies, Breeana’s puppy Marty is full of energy and curiosity. Unfortunately, that energy and curiosity led to Marty escaping his home and being hit by a car. His fractured pelvis could heal on its own, but he needed surgery for his broken femur. Breeana knew that she did not have all of the funds needed for surgery, but she also knew that there was no way she could let an important member of her family suffer.

Breeana applied for a RedRover Relief grant, and with the help of an On-Call Angel, RedRover was able to approve a grant and ensure that Marty received the surgery he needed.  After Marty’s surgery we received this note from Breeana: “Marty is doing great! He’s a happy puppy and the kids just love him to pieces! Thank you again and again for what you’ve done for our family. We are so looking forward to watching Marty grow with our family.”


Help save a member of that family.  What could be more rewarding?

Become an On-Call Angel. Pay it forward. We did and we feel fantastic!


Mailing address: RedRover, PO Box 188890, Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: 916.429.2457