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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation

UPDATE 2013:  Ben’s Tribe joined Morris Animal Foundation’s 2013 campaign for raising funds for K9 Cancer Research & Cures in Elk Grove, California.  The K9 Cancer Research dog walk raised $55,000+.  We thank dogs for their spiritual guidance – on this earth and beyond – and their humans for their deep love of their animals, for their contributions, and for sharing on this day with animal lovers from all walks.  Here are some of the amazing faces of Morris Animal Foundation K9 participants: Faces of MAF’s K9 Cancer Research Walk – Elk Grove, CA 2013

My beloved golden retriever/German shepherd mix Ben died at 15 from a mast cell tumor so I thought the Morris Animal Foundation’s K9 Cancer Campaign was a cause that I should support.  It hadn’t been that long and I thought, sure, I can handle this.  I expected enthusiastic volunteers, dogs of all sizes and passionate speakers on the subject of canine cancer research.

What I didn’t expect were the tears!  At the Elk Grove walk, my team was Ben’s Friends and we raised over $1000 and it made me feel like Ben’s friends were rallying for the love I had for Ben.  Being there with a team in his honor, it was like his life and ultimate passing contributed to a future research of a cure.  So other dogs could live perhaps?

The second thing I didn’t expect was when complete strangers walked by me with my eyes glistening (and it didn’t take much to start the waterworks), they would just grab me and hug me.  I think I wore Ben’s life on my sleeve.  The spiritual connection of friends lost, the roller coaster of treatment, the denial, the hope, the trauma of losing my best buddy, all of this wrapped up in one powerful event.  I wondered if I could ever consider caring for another one.  Everyone in the field that day had gone down that road and come out the other side.  I know I could too.

Protect. Treat. Cure.

Morris Animal Foundation helps animals enjoy longer, healthier lives by advancing animal health and welfare worldwide.

The K9 Cancer Walk program raises funds and awareness for the Canine Cancer Campaign, which funds research that will develop prevention strategies, test new treatments, establish tools for cancer researchers and train new scientists specializing in cancer research.

In 2012, more than $70,000 was raised in Elk Grove alone for the Morris Animal Foundation and their funding for canine cancer research.

So leash up and let’s beat canine cancer.