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Stories of Connections with Animals & Humans

About Animal Tribe Stories

Animal Tribes is an on-line portal spotlighting animal-related stories, how humans rescue animals and animals rescue and heal us right back.  Its audience includes pet owners, animal lovers and animal welfare supporters.


An animal tribe can be a non-profit organization with a welfare mission (rescue, sanctuary, etc.), a group who uses animals in a socio-beneficial endeavor (animal assisted therapy, guide dogs, etc.), humane organizations, animal behaviorists, or simply interesting people partnering with intriguing animals for a mutual cause.

The site goals are:

  • To share stories of people who work with animals and animals who work with people;
  • To educate the public of organizations’ missions and plights regarding animal welfare;
  • To connect patrons, donors, volunteers, gift-givers, and supporters to like-minded organizations and events in their area.

Animals and humans intertwine in many endeavors for the greater good and relays the stories and sends our audience off in many directions to contribute their own special gifts to causes that resonate.  We facilitate the benefits of giving, the karma of Contribution and group hugs with like-minded animal lovers.

Please submit any comments, questions or suggestions, or just to share a story.

We hope the stories of Animal Tribes on this site will inspire you to be Ambassadors for animals.  How?

  • Read the stories about amazing animals and their people and pass them along.
  • Volunteer for just 4 hours, once a month – 4 hours out of 720 in a month!
  • Help in the office – many times a Tribe could use a good typist or help with a newsletter
  • Participate in a fundraiser – you will meet SO many warm-hearted people & animals
  • Friend Animal Tribes on Facebook… it helps spread the stories
  • Donate items – blankets, pet food, toys.  How about a Gift card?
  • Visit the web sites and contact a cause if you can identify with their mission
  • Shop Tribe products – it helps us keep the Tribes going
  • Support an Event in your area – contact a tribe and ask them what they need.  Kids welcome and they love doing it!
  • Bake cookies, brownies, bring water, soda, fruit… be creative!
  • Clean out your garage… you will be surprised what you find that a Rescue could use
  • Subscribe to newsletters – keep up the chatter.
  • Get Involved
  • Connect with a Tribe whose cause resonates.
  • Use your unique gifts to contribute in your OWN way
  • Include the causes in your prayers
  • Pay it forward


To find out how to participate either as an Animal Tribe, compassionate human or if your dog has gotten hold of the mouse, contact us.

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